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Winter 2018 Product Availability

(We maintain a large inventory of each product.  Call for large quantities.)

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(Updated 02/06/2018)

Tree Size Height Trunk Caliper Price Comments Available Qty
Alphonse Karr Bamboo (MLT) 30g       Call   Now 143
Golden Goddess Bamboo (MLT) 30g       Call   Now 43
Dura Heat River Birch (MLT) 30g       Call   Now 51
Dura Heat River Birch (MLT) 65g       Call   Sept. 65
Bottlebrush, Lancelata (FTG) 45g       Call Special Sale Now 32
Bottlebrush, Lancelata (STD) 30g       Call   Now 27
Bottlebrush, Lancelata (STD) 45g       Call Special Sale Now 12
Bottlebrush, Macarthur Upright (STD) 30g       Call   Now 7
Bottlebrush, Red Cluster (FTG) 30g       Call   Now 57
Bottlebrush, Red Cluster (STD) 30g       Call   Now 44
Bottlebrush, Red Cluster (STD) 45g       Call Special Sale Now 9
Bottlebrush, Weeping (STD) 45g       Call   Now 48
Prickly Pear Cactus 15g       Call Edible Now 20
Brodie Red Cedar 30g 6'-7'     Call   Now 117
Brodie Red Cedar 45g       Call   Now 100
Southern Red Cedar 30g       Call   Now 79
Arapaho Crape Myrtle (Red) 15g       Call   Now 115
Black Diamond Crape Myrtle (Best Red) 15g       Call   Now 25
Black Diamond Crape Myrtle (Purdy Purple) 15g       Call   Now 35
Black Magic Crape Myrtle (White) 15g       Call   Now 73
Delta Eclipse™ Crape Myrtle (Bush-Lavender) 15g       Call   Now 42
Delta Flame™ Crape Myrtle (Bush-Red) 15g       Call   Now 13
Delta Jazz™ Crape Myrtle (Bush-Pink) 15g       Call   Now 39
Dynamite Crape Myrtle (Bush) 65g       Call   Now 4
Muskogee Crape Myrtle (Light Lavender) 30g       Call   Now 129
Muskogee Crape Myrtle (Light Lavender) 65g       Call   Now 5
Muskogee Crape Myrtle (Light Lavender) 100g   3-5 Cane   Call   Now 5
Natchez Crape Myrtle (White) 30g   4-5 Cane   Call   Now 30
Natchez Crape Myrtle (White) 45g 10'-12'     Call   Now 37
Red Rooster Crape Myrtle (Bush-Red) 15g       Call   Now 50
Tuscarora Crape Myrtle 30g   4-5 Cane   Call   Now 158
Tuscarora Crape Myrtle 45g       Call   Now 89
Twilight  Crape Myrtle (Purple-Bush) 15g       Call   Now 130
Muskogee Crape Myrtle (Light Lavender) 30g       Call   Now 158
Muskogee Crape Myrtle (Light Lavender) 45g       Call   Now 217
Natchez Crape Myrtle (White) 30g       Call   Now 198
Natchez Crape Myrtle (White) 45g     2.5" Call   Now 100
Tuscarora Crape Myrtle 30g 10'   1.5" Call   Now 150
Tuskegee Crape Myrtle 30g       Call   Now 54
Arizona Cypress (Carolina Sapphire) 15g       Call   Now 60
Arizona Cypress (Carolina Sapphire) 30g 6'-8'     Call   Now 75
Arizona Cypress (Carolina Sapphire) 45g       Call   Now 58
Bald Cypress 30g       Call   Now 64
Bald Cypress 45g       Call   Now 72
Bald Cypress 200g     5"-7" Call A few… Now 2
Blue ice Arizona Cypress 15g       Call   Now 117
Blue ice Arizona Cypress 30g       Call     93
Italian Cypress 15g       Call   Now 50
Italian Cypress 30g       Call   Now 35
ELAEOCARPUS (Japanese Blueberry)                
Elaeocarpus (FTG) 65g       Call   Now 117
Elaeocarpus (STD) 30g       Call Limited Now 30
Elaeocarpus (STD) 100g     4" Call   Now 20
Allee Elm 30g     1.5"-1.8" Call   Dec. 54
Drake Elm 30g     1.5" Call   Oct. 45
Winged Elm 30g     1.5"-1.8" Call   Now 150
Winged Elm 100g     2.5"-3.5" Call   Now 16
GREEN GIANTS                
Thuja Green Giant 30g       Call Nice!   219
Eagleston Holly (FTG) 30g 5'-6'     Call   Now 125
Eagleston Holly (STD) 30g     1.5" Call   Now 332
Festive Red Holly 30g        Call   Now 40
Festive Red Holly 45g       Call Special Sale, Nice! Now 54
ilex hybrid 'Conal' PP9487 / Oakleaf™ Holly 30g       Call Limited Now 45
ilex hybrid 'Conal' PP9487 / Oakleaf™ Holly 45g  8'-9'     Call Limited Now 20
ilex hybrid 'Conty' PP12009 / Liberty™ Holly 30g       Call   Now 34
ilex hybrid 'Conty' PP12009 / Liberty™ Holly 45g       Call   Now 27
Ilex vomitoria 'Scarlet's Peak' Holly 45g       Call   Fall 91
Ilex Weeping Yaupon Holly 30g       Call   Now 61
Liberty Holly 100g       Call   Now 1
Mary Nell Holly 30g       Call Limited Now 64
Red Robin Holly 45g       Call   Now 67
Red Robin Holly 100g       Call Nice! Now 2
Upright Yaupon Holly 30g       Call   Now 50
Blue Point Juniper 30g       Call   Now 27
Spartan Juniper 45g       Call   Now 68
Torulousa Juniper 30g 5'-6'     Call   Now 129
Ligustrum 30g       Call   Now 19
Ligustrum (MLT - Tree) 65g 7'X7'     Call   Now 120
Ligustrum (STD) 30g       Call Limited Now 6
Bracken Brown Beauty Magnolia 45g       Call Limited Now 105
DD Blanchard Magnolia 30g       Call   Now 252
Little Gem Magnolia 30g       Call Limited Now 112
Sweetbay Magnolia (MLT) 30g       Call Limited Now 14
Florida Flame Red Maple 30g 10'   1.5"-2" Call   Now 115
Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) 100g     2.25" Call   Now 17
Summer Red Maple 30g     1.5" Call   Now 97
Laurel Oak 30g 8'-10'   1.5"-2" Call Nice! Now 50
Live Oak 65g       Call   Now 23
Live Oak 100g     3"-4" Call   Now 72
Nuttall Oak 30g     1.5" Call   Now 60
Nuttall Oak 45g     2.5" Call   Now 97
Seedling 'Cathedral' Live Oak 30g        Call   Now 94
Seedling Live Oak 30g     1.5"-1.8" Call   Now 133
Shumard Oak 30g     1.5"-2" Call   Now 100
PALM FIELD (B&B)                
Regen Sabel Palm   8'     Call   Now 21
Robellini Palm         Call   Now 24
Sylvester Palm   8'-10'     Call   Now 135
Sylvester Palm   8'     Call Pre-Dug Now 3
PALMS, CONTAINER                
Bismarckia Nobilis (Bismarck Palm) 30g       Call   Now 24
Foxtail Palm  45g       Call Single Now 12
Queen Palm 30g       Call   Now 8
Pindo Palm 65g       Call   Now 3
Washington Palm 15g       Call Limited Now 8
PINE TREES                
Loblolly Pine 30g       Call   Now 187
Norfolk Island Pine 15g       Call   Now 8
Slash Pine 30g 8'     Call   Now 83
Podocarpus 30g       Call   Now 455
Sweetgum 30g 10'   2" Call   Now 86
Sycamore 30g       Call   Now 101
Sycamore 100g       Call   Now 27
Assorted Topiaries 15g       Call   Now 9
Viburnum Odoratissimum 15g 3.5'-4.5'     Call   Now 195
Viburnum Odoratissimum 30g 5'-6'     Call   Now 195
Alocasia 7/15g       Call Special Now 17
Arbequina  Olive 30g       Call With Fruit Now 115
Arbequina  Olive 45g       Call   Dec. 32
Australian Tree Fern 15g       Call   Now 4
Azalea Tree 15g       Call Assorted colors Now 5
Banana Bush (michelia figo) 15g       Call   Now 26
Blue Agave Silver 5-7g       Call   Now 83
Carambola Star Fruit 15g       Call   Now 13
Desert Cassia 15g       Call   Now 70
Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Eleador'. 15g       Call Special Now 70
Elliot Pecans 15g       Call Not Ready   10
Florida Beauty Peach (Red Flash/UF) 30g       Call   Now 59
Indian Hawthorne Rosalinda (STD) 45g       Call   Now 33
Loquat Tree (STD) 30g       Call   Now 44
Loquat Tree (STD) 65g       Call   Now 8
Persimmon Tree 15g       Call With Fruit Now 5
Persimmon Tree (Weeping) 15g       Call With Fruit Now 18
Pineapple Guava (STD) 100g     3"-4" Call   Now 24
Pink Tabebuia 30g       Call   Now 43
Sea Grape 15g       Call   Now 16
St. Lukes Purple Leaf Plum Tree 45g       Call   Now 18
Tabebuia Tree (Lavender)) 30g       Call   Now 89
Variegated Oleander (STD) 15g       Call Nice! Now 33
Vitex (Shoal Creek) 15g       Call   Now 100
Vitex (Shoal Creek) 30g       Call   Now 100
Additional Seasonal Items And Much More Available        

Seasonal Fruit Trees Also Available


Asst. Citrus  Fruit





 Carambola Star Fruit




We also carry a variety of 3g shrub and flowering materials…



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Prices Subject to change without notice…

Questions, call Ty at 352-406-9735

Winter 2018  Product Availability